Discrete Mathematics with Ducks - Sarah-Marie Belcastro

Discrete Mathematics with Ducks
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Containing exercises and materials that engage students at all levels, Discrete Mathematics with Ducks presents a gentle introduction for students who find the proofs and abstractions of mathematics challenging. This classroom-tested text uses discrete mathematics as the context for introducing proofwriting.
Facilitating effective and active learning, each chapter contains a mixture of discovery activities, expository text, in-class exercises, and homework problems.
- Elementary exercises at the end of each expository section prompt students to review the material
- Try This! sections encourage students to construct fundamental components of the concepts, theorems, and proofs discussed.
- Sets of discovery problems and illustrative examples reinforce learning.
- Bonus sections can be used for take-home exams, projects, or further study
- Instructor Notes sections offer suggestions on how to use the material in each chapter
Discrete Mathematics with Ducks offers students a diverse introduction to the field and a solid foundation for further study in discrete mathematics and complies with SIGCSE guidelines. The book shows how combinatorics and graph theory are used in both computer science and mathematics.
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