Imitating modelling of a cattle-breeding complex on basis Cedar Bog

Imitating modelling of a cattle-breeding complex on basis Cedar Bog
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Setting a task of modelling. There is a cattle herd structured on the basic of age. The herd consists of Heifers, Calves, Milk cows, Cows, Bulls. Each Animal has its Age. The daily increase depends in weight of an animal which defines the weight of it depends on the age. So, for example, at achievement of the certain age (?500 days) calves become bulls and pass from Calves in Bulls, but not all of them. Only the quantity which is enough for reproduction of the herd.

The others remain calves until they fatten the necessary weight (?1000 kg). As soon as it occurs, they are slaughtered. The similar situation is with heifers. Only at achievement of the certain age (?450 days) they are divided into two categories: milk cows and cows. Cows are bred for meat production, MilkCows - for reproduction of herd and production of milk. According to financial opportunities a farmer defines an initial livestock of the cattle, and then makes a plan of reception of a livestock of the cattle in the future.

3. Herd, describing variable statuses and dynamics of behaviour of the herd as a whole. The important component which defines the structure of the herd, its internal interaction. It allows to watch a livestock of the herd, its reproduction.

4. Effluent (Drains) in which it is provided annual downcast drains on fields (for fertilizer of pastures). Also sale of drains for the manufacture of mineral fertilizers is possible.

5. Profit, expenses (profit, expenses), including an economic part of the model. Unfortunately, because of insufficient amount of the information it is designed only in the theory. But further, at the profound studying of the model, it will be created and, I hope, it will work on a level with other components of the model.